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About Us

Live in Lima Real Estate and Relocation Services is a team of  bi-lingual professionals who have been delivering value and a superior customer service experience to local and foreign clients since 2013.  In addition to countless individuals and families, past and current clients include The British and Royal Thai Embassies in Perú, multi-national companies including LAM SAC, Entel, Odebrecht and Google, and the Lima international schools of Markham, Roosevelt, San Silvestre and Newton.


Tim Brace, Founder and General Manager, is a real estate professional from Chicago who moved to Perú in 2012 with a vision of creating a different kind of real estate company than existed at that time in Perú.   He envisioned a world-class organization, focused particularly on the needs of expatriates, most of whom when first arriving in Perú don’t have a clear understanding of the “way things work here,” and whose expectations of customer service often far exceed the level delivered by most providers.  It was during his family’s actual relocation to Lima, which included shipping their household items and pets internationally, finding and securing suitable housing and schooling for his family, obtaining residency and legally forming a company, when it became clear that there was also a real need for a housing and relocation company that better understood it’s clients’ and their expectations.  It was from here that Live in Lima was born.

Roxana Jave, Director of  Services, is a licensed Peruvian realtor who specializes in representing foreign buyers and renters as well as some of the best properties in Perú.  Roxana, both a U.S. and Peruvian Citizen, has lived extensively in these two very different countries and with her deep understanding and appreciation of both cultures she is able to help bridge the gap and translate the things to her clients that go well beyond just language differences.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.