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Housing Search

Based on your requirements, we will do an extensive search to find and secure the very best available properties that fit your criteria for temporary, short and long-term leases, as well as property purchases. We offer customizable corporate and personal services which can include:
  • Discussion of the Market in General and Common Local Practices and Procedures
  • Search and Email Presentation of Options Available for client Review
  • Professional Car Service During Efficiently Housing and Area Tours
  • Temporary and /or Longer-Term Housing Solutions
  • Furnished, Unfurnished and Pet-Friendly Units Available
  • Assistance with Negotiation and Execution of the Sales or Lease Contract
  • Walk-through at Beginning of Lease / Inventory Confirmation for Furnished Rentals
  • Assist with Landlord Communications and Disagreements
  • The connection of Utilities; Electric, Cable, Phone, etc.